Integrative & Wellness Services

Guided Breath Meditation

Meditation actively participates mentally, emotionally, and physically in the current moment by deeply connecting and engaging in your life with intention, purpose, and respect for your true self. 

Nourish Wellness offers Guided Meditation Sessions and believes used in conjunction with therapy, it can decrease attachment to thoughts, allowing for greater flexibility to change. Meditating regularly can help individuals gain greater clarity about their most important values so that they can make meaningful life choices. 

Happy Hour Healing

We carry aspects of trauma in our daily life. The event’s purpose is to alleviate some of this compacted, trapped energy that keeps us stuck, most of which is unconscious. Now begin to invest in yourself as you allow new awareness of the old to be clear and replaced with the new. As we move into the higher Universal Frequencies, we are being asked to let go of what no longer serves us. This guided meditation supports your Soul and Universal energies to assist you with your intentions.

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